Home Groups

Home groups are not anything new. The early church was predominantly meeting in the homes of Christians, as we can see from the Book of Romans.

Romans 16:5 "Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Greet my beloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia to Christ."

When we meet for home groups, we will informally meet at one of our fellow believers home in which we will experience a certain kind of ministry that we might not experience at our Midweek or Sunday church services. These are meant to be informal gatherings that will deepen a believer’s life as they become more of a part of other believer’s lives.

There are at least 7 different areas of ministry that are in operation in a home group or home fellowship.

  • Fellowship-creates connectedness by way of greater visibility & encouragement
  • Prayer for each other’s needs and concerns
  • We learn to share our faith, so we can share it with our fellow believers and even our community or family
  • Worship more intimately together
  • We all begin to instruct one another with the Word of God
  • The home group creates a bridge and witness to others in a neighborhood
  • It also helps anyone who is leading it to be stretched and matured as well as possibly raise up others to facilitate homegroups.

Current Home Groups:

Here is a list of our current home groups.  Please call beforehand for meeting address and also in case they have a special event planned or are not meeting that night.

Wednesday at 6 pm contact Corey Rivera 541-272-7405.  This is a family oriented group in which the children of all ages participate in the study.

Wednesday at 7 pm contact Neil Koberstein 503-709-1402.  This group does not have child care.

Thursday at 1 pm contact Jim Ball 541-921-2399.   This group does not have child care.

Thursday at 7 pm contact Dan Mock 503-798-6174.   This group has an adjacent play area for children to play during the study.