Calvary Chapel Lincoln City


head shot of Pastor PhilPastor Phil Magnan

Welcome to Calvary Chapel Lincoln City, Oregon! We are a group of believers in Jesus Christ who are pursuing living a “real deal” Christian life by seeking God’s Word and His Spirit in our lives. We have all come from different walks of life, but we have one thing in common: we all need the saving touch of Jesus Christ! Even if you are not a believer or have never attended a church before, we are thrilled that you would hang out with us!


We are not perfect people, but we are seeking Gods best for our lives; seeking to live without compromise and regret. Jesus said that He came so we might have abundant life. We experience that life through His forgiveness and peace. We all come with our failures and our weaknesses, but through Christ we can be free to live a loving and godly life. There is hope for the hopeless and a peace that exceeds what we can understand. We know that if you attend this church for any length of time you will discover 3 things:

  • The love of Christ; because our people are friendly and loving to everyone who comes to our church.
  • A new love for God; because we will continue to reveal His love and grace to you through His Word.
  • You will be challenged to go deeper with God, but you will also discover that God and your fellow believers are with you all along the way to encourage you to live for God.

Join us as we plunge into knowing and loving God more and more through His teachings in the Word! We also have Bible study groups that meet in homes as well as events for the men and women. We know that God will change and bless your life just as He has for us!!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us at 541-614-1218 or email us at